“The idea is, if you remember when you were a kid, going to the state fair and going through the midway.  We’re going to take the state fair midway and move it to the strip in Branson,” Billington says.

“There’s going to be rides, there will be games, there will be food.  Just something to do for the family that will be a new affordable family attraction there on the strip.  And make use of this great location and this great property that needs to be redeveloped there on the strip.”

Billington adds the park will feature different themes as the seasons change. The carnival theme will be present through the year, but more present during the summer. In the fall there will be more of a craft festival and haunted house theme and a Christmas theme in the winter.

For more info:  http://www.ozarksfirst.com/news/new-branson-amusement-park-to-open-by-may-2018/977147196